Shoe Rack

  • Materials: Hand crafted from vintage scrapwood
  • Dimensions: Width 92 cm: Height: 46 cm Depth: 48 cm.
  • Price: P.O.R


This piece was inspired by the traditional and sturdy built-in shoe rack solutions that are prevalent in time honoured institutions. In this case however I wanted to create a handcrafted piece that was equally durable, however smaller and freestanding so that it can be used in a variety of different spaces. From personal experience (particularly from my past experience of Rugby pavilions), many of these built-in, durable shoe rack solutions have been able to stand the test of time with simple upkeep and maintenance because they are incredibly well constructed which certainly works with our philosophy of “not throwing things away”.


Shoe racks tend to get a battering, the entrance hall (or foyer) is the one room of the house that gets a lot of foot traffic and this of course means that these interiors (and their associated items of furniture) get worn out quicker than the rest of the house. This is why the shoe rack is made of sturdy salvaged material; the bench is made of 4,4 cm structural floor beams and the rest of the body is made of 2,2 cm wood paneling, which means that the shoe rack is incredibly sturdy and is  easily maintained.

Dark colours in entrance halls tend to fair better than lighter colours. This is why the shoe rack has a dark calming green colour with elements of stained wood to give the piece a humble, warm and homely feel. To ensure the the item is easy to clean, it has been varnished with high quality, high gloss marine varnish which also protects the piece from wear and tear.

The piece has a relatively simple and subtle look about it. My intention was not that it should “stand out” too much, thus giving it greater potential for placement in a variety of rooms. At the same time, with the choice of colour, exposed natural wood, stylised legs and addition of a fifth leg (as an ornamental centre piece) gives this shoe rack real character and a truly original look.

The shoe rack has been lovingly hand crafted using traditional wood working techniques in our workshop.


It can be placed in a variety of spaces however the product is best utilised if located in close proximity to a property’s entrance which receives most traffic. By adopting the Swedish model of no shoes in the home, the house becomes much cleaner and sanitary, which of course is a fantastic health benefit and it provides all flooring with a greater lifespan. 

This piece does not only serve the purpose of storing shoes, but it also can double up as a bench which is a wonderful benefit when putting on shoes (especially by visiting grandparents!)

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