Sofa Table “The Boat” (Rustic Coffee Table)

  • Materials: Hand crafted from scrap wood
  • Dimensions: Width 117 cm: Height: 50 cm Depth: 70 cm.
  • Price: POR


Funnily enough, this piece was originally inspired by a combination of quite different factors. The structural concept was originally inspired by age old timber boat building techniques hence the reason why the table top is cradled by a frame. Aesthetically speaking, I was inspired by Swedish ornamental carpentry where theses kinds of timbers are commonly used in architectural design. From this starting point I wanted to create a piece that was (through material selection) decidedly rustic yet undoubtedly (through its structural composition) a piece of “pure design”. There were lots of revisions before I ended up with this final result. Working with vintage scrap wood led me through a process of experimentation, re development and prototyping. My initial thoughts were to create a more ornamental piece but during planning stages I opted for a more minimalistic design, which I can happily say was the correct decision. This piece is “high design” yet also bears “character” as result of my decision to create the piece entirely out of scrap wood – which is exactly what I was after.

Using 2,2 cm scrap wood facade panels, I wanted the aged character of the wood to be strongly presented in a new contemporary design. Not painted, no radically different finishes, just honest design true to the origins of the material. It was important for me to create a piece that was “pure design” where form followed function. It was very much a case of boiling down this concept to the “pure elements” and finding a way to cleverly construct the piece in a minimalistic way with “beauty” in its simplicity. Hence the way in which the “pegs” which hold the table top together also function as “clamps” which hold the leg construction and frame together. Finding the right technique to manufacture this piece was an interesting process. As a result the coffee table ended up being manufactured using a combined glue & pinning technique (very much the same as that used for professional interior detailing). The result of this manufacturing technique provides a strong, subtle and elegant construction. A process of which I intend on using on future projects.


The Rustic Coffee table is surprisingly light weight, thanks to its structural design. It’s colours are warming & authentic and therefore true to their Scandinavian architectural origins. This product has been finished with a highly durable high gloss marine varnish, thus to ensure that the authentic colour and nuance of the materials are preserved and presentable for the home environment.


The coffee table has an amply sized table top which provides plenty of space for decorative items (such as vases or homewares), mugs, coffee & tea pots or the makeshift placement of the ubiquitous magazine. This piece is intended to be a focal point of any imaginative lounge environment, providing an interesting and alluring contrast to existing interior finishes and furnishings. Our intention is that this piece in all its practicality, provides your home environment with a very original work of art. A dependable topic of discussion whilst welcoming guests!

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