Chunky Desk

  • Materials: Hand crafted from construction grade scrap wood.
  • Dimensions: Width 142 cm: Height: 74.5 cm Depth: 57 cm.
  • Price: P.O.R


Structural timbers are a common material which so much of our built environment is made of. The thought of creating a durable line furniture from this material was immensely interesting for me, simply because I appreciate the solid simplicity of it all. I have always been inspired by the way in which solid timbers have been crafted within traditional architecture, such as the roofing solutions of Victorian train stations. Having already created the chunky coffee table piece, making the desk was very much second nature. Once I had toyed with a variety of different design dimensions and aesthetic proportions I was able to create a rustic piece that provided a lovely contrast to the modern day computer equipment that will most definitely finds its home on the desktop. The legs are jointed together using a traditional dowelled butt joint technique and the framework is assembled using four sturdy carpentry lag bolt screws.


The desktop is made from scrap wood planks and the leg construction is very reminiscent of an age old wood bench design where sturdiness when crafting was an absolute necessity. The appearance of this piece is subtle thus fits in a greater range of interior environments and considering the clinical desk solutions that are so prevalent now a days, this piece really offers originality and a less impersonal and homely feel. This piece has been created using a combination of manufacturing techniques. It is available in a range of calming homely colours ranging from dark green, to antique black and Swedish red, all finished with a matt gloss varnish.


This item of furniture has an adequately sized desk top which provides more than enough space for computer equipment. The framework and legs are formed in a way which provides great comfort both interms of depth of space for legroom and height of desktop for for optimal comfort when sitting at the desk. This piece is intended to be a humble necessity for any home office, study or studio. The desk’s versatile size allows this item of furniture to fit in a greater variety of interior spaces. Our intention is that this practical piece, provides your home environment with a very durable item of furniture. This piece is incredibly sturdy and lends itself well to a variety of interior environments where durability is a necessity. 

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