Upcycling is nothing new, its been around for ages!

Upcycling is nothing new, its been around for ages! Thankfully though the word “Upcycling” has become a household term, and people are starting to appreciate the importance of upcycling and its role in our societies.

There are various types of upcycling; in its simplest form refurbishment, but now a days designers and the creatively minded are finding ways to find new, interesting and versatile ways to breed life into old materials and cast offs. It can benefit us all, whether you are looking to furnish a new property on a shoestring, earn money from selling upcycled goods or simply enjoy it on a hobbyists level.

Best of all its beneficial for the environment, and if you enjoy supporting your local charity shops as I do, you can sleep well at night knowing that you are an avid contributor to improving peoples lives.

For a variety of fun upcycling projects, have a look at my videos!

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