Corporate Workshops

Fun & creative, “hands on” team building activities for workplaces.

There is nothing quite like a creative activity to improve a sense of team and good spirit. Working with your hands and solving creative problems in a collaborative manner is often such a contrast from our daily routines within our workplaces.

We host a variety of indoor and outdoor creative team building workshops, that will get your crew gelling from the word go! As our workshops all entail “hands on” creative activity, your team will be able to leave with an artistic piece of work that you can display within your workplace as a momento of the experience.

Upcycling workshops might include:

  • Upcycling challenge workshop.
  • Upcycled interior decorating workshop.
  • Beach combing sculptural challenge workshop. (outdoor activity)
  • Totem pole workshop. (outdoor activity)
  • BBQ workshop. (outdoor activity)
  • Build a raft and race it workshop. (outdoor activity)

In addition to the above, Arlo is also able to provide specialist team building workshops, such as; Art mural workshops, Sculpture workshops, Team emblem workshops, Art Twister, Creative community service workshops, Street art workshops (outdoor activity), Tree planting workshops (outdoor activity).

A typical day would run from 08:30 – 15:30.

  • Meet, greet & fika.
  • Briefing; Introduction to the activity and specification of criteria. Narrowing down the parameters of the activity.
  • Morning session; Investigation, planning & start of creation.
  • Lunch; hearty group lunch or buffet provided by the employer.
  • Afternoon session; Continued creation of the collaborative piece.
  • Critique & Evaluation; Group work presented and evaluated followed by group photos.
  • Closure of event; Summary of day’s activity and farewells.

Pricing: Pricing will be provided upon request and is subject to type of activity and amount of attendees.

Perhaps you have a more specific idea of your own bespoke event? We pride ourselves on our creative event solutions, so please contact us and we’ll gladly design your event together with you!

For more information about our creative team building activities get in touch!