School workshops

Whether its specific upcycling and mentorship workshops, or collaborative & creative charitable activities – we’ve got it covered!

Having worked within the educational sector for many years, our expert Arlo Knox is able to enthuse even the most doubting of pupils. Having worked extensively with building-up pupils self esteem and using creativity as a real confidence booster, our school workshops are second to none.

School workshops might include:

  • Upcycling days.
  • Upcycled interior design challenge.
  • Beach combing upcycle workshop.
  • Pimp my ride car upcycling activity.
  • Public arts activities (see video link below).

In addition to the above, Arlo is also able to provide specialist teaching workshops within; Visual Arts, Wood & Textile Crafts, Architecture & Design. For more detailed information about our additional creative activities, or if you have a workshop request not listed above – get in touch!

A typical school workshop would typically run from 08:30 – 15:30 (more time consuming activities, can also be run over the course of a two day period).

  • Attendance & fika; Who are you? Who are we? Welcome!
  • Briefing; Introduction to the activity and specification of criteria.
  • Morning session 1; Workshop followed by skills development of ideas.
  • Morning session 2; Group or individual work time.
  • Lunch; hearty group lunch or buffet provided by the school.
  • Afternoon session 1; Continued group or individual work time.
  • Critique & Evaluation; Group or individual work presented and evaluated followed by group photos.
  • Closure of event; Summary of day’s activity and farewells.

Pricing: Pricing will be provided upon request and is subject to type of activity and amount of attendees.

For more specific information about our school activities and workshops, send us an email and we’ll be in touch!

Click on the video link below to see Arlo in action during one of his school workshop activities.